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Shannon Studstill Tempted Away From Sony By Google’s Stadia

Shannon Studstill led the team behind God Of War. But the Sony Santa Monica employee has now jumped ship to hardware rivals, Google. Her new role will see her taking the lead of a new studio, devoted to Stadia-related projects. But will it cost the PlayStation guardian’s more than just a member of staff?

The Stadia is, after all, promising to revolutionise gaming. And any assets that are lost by either party – especially those who wind up at the other – will undoubtedly prove an obstacle in their path.

Jade Raymond welcomed the news of Studstill’s appointment, speaking highly of her over on the official blog. But her comments are probably echoed by the majority of industry staff, owing to her proven track record over the years. She said:

“She has an extensive background in product development and creative leadership, but most importantly, she’s a visionary who, as the Studio Director, will lead and inspire the Playa Vista teams.

“We are thrilled to welcome her to the Stadia family.”

Speaking of which, this new Stadia studio – and the “console” for that matter – sounds like it’s heading in some pretty exciting directions. That is thanks to their desire to incorporate a range of new mechanics and methods of playing into their future games. So, on that basis, it’s hardly surprising that we’re announcing this news. In fact, with all of the buzz that comes with such a new start-up, I’m surprised we aren’t announcing more.

Raymond added:

“The creative possibilities are limitless. But we can’t build those experiences without a talented team of game designers, artists, and storytellers.”

Now, there’s nothing better than to be given almost free rein when it comes to creativity, especially in today’s world. And with Google’s deep pockets unrivalled influence youthful ambition, the Stadia is most certainly where it’s at. It’s just a shame that so far it has failed to meet consumer expectations. Could this actually by Google running before it can walk? And if that is the case, will we see some familiar names making a return to more traditional consoles?

Probably. But if anyone can make it a success, it’s someone like Studstill.

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