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Shaq Fu’s Bonus Game Puts President Obama on the Case in 70s Parody

Ever wonder how presidents spend their days after they leave office? Gamers who purchased the boxed version of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn can find out today. Barack Fu: The Legend of Dirty Barry is a special bonus game, and it puts the ex-president on the trail to stop a celebrity murderer. The adventure will take him from Paris to space as he busts some bad guys and bosses.

This special parody game lets you take on crazy enemies as the former POTUS uses different guns and special moves such as the Peace Prize drone strike to deliver justice. Special combos such as the Barack ‘n Rolla and South Side Smash bring the pain to anyone stupid enough to stand in your way.

Despite some bugs, I enjoyed my time with Shaq Fu (review). It was consistently clever and never took itself seriously. The rap song sticks with you longer than you think too. Barack Fu: The Legend of Dirty Barry seems to continue this same approach. For now, it’s exclusive to the physical version only, but it should be available as a separate item in the future.

We have two trailers to share with you. The one at the top is full of 70s influence and gameplay. The one at the bottom is an announcement from an impersonator. Both are worth your time. I look forward to playing this one soon. How about you?

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