Share Your Love of Fallout with Vault Boy Bobbleheads

Share Your Love of Fallout with Vault Boy Bobbleheads

After hundreds of hours, have you mastered the wasteland? Are you filled with less dread hunting a deathclaw than fighting the line at your local government office for a new license? Well, my potentially shut in friend, there is a new collection of Vault Boy bobbleheads for you to collect. You can purchase Agility, Luck, Science and four others for $79.99 here. Too many caps? You can also purchase them individually.

As we age, we never really give up toys. Those toys just become more expensive, and we buy them for ourselves. With games, there are so many opportunities to buy merchandise, whether that is in a special edition, artwork, books, movies in an expanded universe, or soundtracks. The options are staggering. If you really want to blow your mind and your wallet, check out the stores on Etsy.

Until then, we will be keeping our eye on any sales for a nice Sephiroth statue for the office.

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