Share Factory Update 2.0 Features Big Additions

Share Factory Update 2.0 Features Big Additions

The free video editor provided by PlayStation will receive a new update that rolls out today. Except patch 2.0 will make Share Factory more than just a video editor. For starters is the new animated GIF feature. You know the moving looping pictures, usually with a sarcastic message? It will be extremely easy to share right to Twitter from your PS4 and using any content in your capture gallery will allow you to create looping, animated GIFS up to ten seconds in length.

The new update also adds a photo mode. You’ll be able to easily create photo collages, up to six pictures, with the very screenshots you take. The ability to utilize the existing features and effects within Share Factory for the photos will also be possible. 2.0 will also support the PS4 Pro so you can share videos in full 1080p and 4K screenshots with ease.

Additional features will also include: refreshed user interface, split clip feature can now be used on Track 2, new font for “internet meme” choices, pan and zoom on gameplay videos, and creations will export up to 20%¬†faster. Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage of these updates or if you use your own, purchased software!30476568100_952d6fbbd6_z

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