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Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom; Behind The Scenes Video Reveals Development Process And More

If you’re a fan of JRPGs, cartoon animals, cell shaded graphics and the French accent, we can’t imagine a better behind the scenes trailer for you to watch than today’s video from Enigami – the developers behind upcoming JRPG-influenced, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. We’ve lovingly brought the trailer to you in full, above (If you don’t speak French you’ll need to turn on the subtitles though). Read on below for all the new details revealed in the trailer, plus added developer blurb;

If you followed Gamescom along with us here at Pure PlayStation, you may remember we got all excited over the reveal of the utterly adorable, JRPG-inspired ARPG (for which we invented the acronym JARPG – patent pending), Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. You can imagine our excitement, then, when today saw the release of a behind the scenes trailer, showing off some gameplay and giving us an insight into the development process behind the game.

Creative director Samir Rebib came up with the world of Shiness when he was but a wee lad nearly twenty years ago, saying in the trailer that he “learned to draw by creating this universe.” Thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign, that world has now been translated into video game form and the results look promising.


Apart from the beautiful, cell-shaded, fantasy world, the game features; open world and linear elements, action-oriented combat with combos, dodging, blocks and parries inspired by fighting games, special element-based powers that have uses both in and out of combat, and it’s very own language to create a more ‘immersive’ experience.

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Lofty ambitions for an Indie project, but everything (of the admittedly little) we’ve seen so far suggests their goals can be achieved. And if that sounds to good to be true, then check out this recently released screen showing the gang riding something that is definitely an original creation and in no way related to the Chocobo;


Pure PlayStation will be harnessing the power of Shi (we’re all shut-ins, so that should be easy) to bring you all the news on this promising title as it becomes available. The game is due to release some time in December 2016, and is currently available to pre-order for PC via Steam, but it looks like us console jockeys will have to wait a little longer before we can get our anthropomorphised paws on the game. Let us know whether you’re excited for this one or even if you couldn’t care less in the comments below – fair warning though, more than 5 consecutive posts that just say ‘Kawaii!!!!’ and we’ll shut the whole thing down.   

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