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Shooter/Psychological Thriller Get Even Available Now

Your name is Cole Black, and you are an ice-cold mercenary and a hired gun, which is apparently what your parents intended for you when they named you Cole Black. It doesn’t get more ice-cold than Cole Black. Anyway, the folks at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America and The Farm 51 have created a taut psychological horror experience. And if you don’t believe us, than listen to what Eric Hartness, VP of Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO, has to say:

“Intense action, chilling ambiance, and a tense musical score from award-winning composer Olivier Derivière come together to create an amnesiac nightmare that gamers won’t soon forget.” And if you can’t trust a VP of Marketing, then who can you trust?

As the aforementioned bad-ass Cole Black, you’ll wake in the middle of a strange asylum with nearly no recollection of your past, besides a single terrifying memory of a young girl who appears to be in mortal danger. An anonymous captor named “Red” will guide you as you embark on a form of treatment, facilitated by a strange technology that requires Cole to wear a headset. Not the PlayStation VR headset, sadly, (Why isn’t this in VR?) but a headset that enables him to relive his memories and experience them again. With the “help” of the headset, you’ll need to search the abandoned asylum to uncover and solve the mysteries of your past.

Get Even, Rated M, is currently available in the Americas with an MSRP of $29.99. Download a copy today if you’re so inclined, and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.




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