Shooty Fruity for PSVR is Your Dream Job at Tesco

Do you hate fruit? Do you wish you worked in a supermarket? Are you handy with a pair of virtual guns? If you fit anywhere in that very small niche, Shooty Fruity is for you.

Shooty Fruity is a PSVR shooter/job simulator that has recently been announced for PS4/PSVR. You’ll need a headset to play this one as it’s only playable in VR. Like, c’mon, why would you even bother with a 2D job simulator?

The game comes by way of UK-based nDreams, a developer/publisher that specialises in VR games. Looks like we’re in safe hands with this release, then.

The aim of the game is to work through your shifts, scanning milk, bread, eggs – the usual stuff people buy at supermarkets – while defending your cash desk from the evil… fruit. Yeah, we’re not sure why the developers chose fruit to be the bad guys, but we’re down with that. Better than shooting lovely chocolate, right? [Ed: It’s in the game’s name, you plum…]

There’s no solid release date as of yet, only the promise of a release later this year. We’ll keep you updated as and when we know more, but in the meantime you can check out the trailer up above.

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