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Shovel Knight Dig Announced

A new Shovel Knight game is coming to the PS4, and it’s very different than past releases. The story sees our hero having his campsite looted by Drill Knight. Since he owns a deadly shovel with the will to use it, you’ll be tunneling down to deliver some payback with your spade of justice. As you descend, you see new friends and enemies, amazing sights, and have amazing fights to match.

The ideas are familiar, but this is not a simple copy and paste. The visuals have been improved with better animations, parallax, and more colors. The digging story and mechanics are new, and a new soundtrack has been created by Jake Kaufman. Although we’ll see some new Knights, such as Spore Knight, Yacht Club Games assures fans that it’s trademark humor will remain.

I haven’t played the other Shovel Knight games (clutch your pearls now, I guess), but I love digging games like Steamworld Dig. Shovel Knight Dig will come with a lot of replayability in its worlds. They don’t specifically say “randomly generated” anywhere, but it sounds like it will play a part in keeping the experience fresh again and again as you dive for loot and upgrades to make your hero stronger.

Although it’s been in development for over a year, “it’s got quite a ways to go still”, so we won’t see it until sometime next year at the earliest. I look forward to learning more about Shovel Knight Dig, and I’ll let you know when I do.

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