Sign Ups for PS4 Update 4.00 Beta Open Today

Sign Ups for PS4 Update 4.00 Beta Open Today

Sony has announced today that PlayStation 4 players can sign up for the upcoming PS4 update 4.00 beta. Users can sign up here by simply answering a couple of questions. It’s really that simple…

The beta will launch sometime in early August and Sony has promised that users who do sign up will be notified via the email account linked to their PlayStation Network account, so be sure to check your email in a week or so time.

Sony hasn’t announced what will be a part of the 4.00 update, though we imagine we’ll find out soon as the platform holder stated that it’d reveal more in the next couple of weeks. Maybe we’ll finally get folders? Nah, wouldn’t bet on it.

The PS4 4.00 update is likely to launch ahead of the PlayStation VR’s release date, so it’s possible that we’ll see a few features that will correspond to the upcoming headgear, though they’ll be basically unusable until PS VR does release.

Naturally, we’ll be partaking in the beta so we’ll be here to let you know what we think of the new firmware update once the beta starts.

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