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Site News: The End of the Derek “Smart” Saga

Hello! My name is Chris and I’m abandoning our normal write-in-the-third-person format for this special news update. Plus, I think it’s unfair to put “we” on this occasion as it’s pretty much all on me. 

Yesterday, I that we were getting a fair few views from Reddit. I found that a particular subreddit had linked to the site to dispel the ridiculous image that Derek “Smart” had posted to Twitter. If you’re wondering who Derek “Smart” is then you’re not alone. He was a game maker back in the 90’s, but since he failed to deliver on promises to customers and then got jealous when he saw the guys making Star Citizen were doing well for themselves, he’s kinda just become some little spasm that resides on the internet.

Point is, he posted a photoshopped image of our site to push his “I hate Star Citizen” agenda. As the owner of the site I was naturally pretty pissed off. I wrote about it here. I referred to what had happened as “digital rape” – and I stand by that. Since Derek “Smart” doesn’t have a smart thing to say, he deflected the fact he had posted this harmful image (which he calls a meme…) to thousands of people by honing in on the words “digital rape.”

Now, I’m sorry if that offends anyone but that’s not what “digital rape” is about. The word rape doesn’t exclusively refer to sexual rape. I’ll refer to

“an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation:

the rape of the countryside.”

So, my site was raped. Somebody took what was mine and violated it. It’s as simple as that. If you read that and still have a problem, well, that’s not my problem.

It’s been a fun back-and-forth with the man and his hardcore group (maybe five or six cronies? The rest were just really focussed on the word “rape”) but it’s time to get back to normal operations.

Since the original incident, Derek “Smart” has since tweeted another photoshopped picture of the site. I won’t bother linking it here because it is the height of pathetic. The man is a sad shell of a human that failed in his endeavors and he now spends his days trawling twitter, abusing anyone who doesn’t agree with the narrative he has created. It’s sad, really, to see a man who obviously has some sort of intellect in his head shit it all away by writing “I HATE STAR CITIZEN” all over his website.

My advice to anyone who comes across this vile little man is to simply block him and forget he existed. It’s not hard; when I woke up this morning I’d completely forgotten who he was until he started badgering me over Twitter. Now that I’ve blocked him – and good riddance, eh? – I imagine I’ll wake up tomorrow and not remember who he is, and thankfully he won’t be there to remind me.

If you’re reading this, Derek, do us all a favour – fuck off.

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