Site Stuff: It’s Our 2nd Birthday! Let’s Celebrate With a Giveaway!

Hello there, it’s me, Chris! I’m the dude who runs Pure PlayStation along with a trusty crew of ne’er gooders who share a passion for writing about video games. As you may have noticed from the headline, it’s our birthday! Hence the break away from the regular format and instead a more personal touch. Not too personal, mind, I’m not ready to join the ranks of Spacey and France just yet…

Tasteless jokes aside, it’s a pretty big deal for us. We’ve been toiling over this website for exactly two years today. Do you know how many gaming websites last this long? Not many. Most go under within the first year. We salute those who have failed, but it’s survival of the fittest on the internet.

To celebrate our 2nd birthday we’re going to have a special giveaway. It’s nothing too swanky – we’re not made of money – but it’s a little something for the long-time readers. Better than nothing, right.

So, the giveaway will run as follows:

There’s a fat $50/£50/50€ PSN giftcard with one lucky person’s name on it. We’re going to give it away to one of our Twitter followers. So if you’re reading this and have realised you don’t follow us on Twitter, then you can do so here. 

On February 1st we’ll announce the winner and get in touch with said winner via Twitter, so please do make sure you check your notifications on February 1st! Simples. Now, excuse me while I drown my lungs in birthday juice.

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