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Site Stuff: Hello, We’re Pure PlayStation!

Well, what do we have here, then? On the surface it looks like just another PlayStation-themed news website, but in reality it’s something a little different.

Pure PlayStation was created to be the go-to outlet for all things PlayStation. As it stands, it’s very much in its infancy. However, we’re no amateurs. No, in fact, you may even see a few familiar names and faces around these parts.

See, Pure PlayStation is a new brand from the same people that bring you your daily news, reviews, and everything else over at the popular gaming news site The Games Cabin. With more than four years of experience in the business, the guys behind The Games Cabin have decided to branch out a bit. So that’s why Pure PlayStation was born: a site created to be all about PlayStation games, PlayStation consoles, PlayStation reviews; basically, everything PlayStation.

The site is still young and it’s still taking its shape, but rest assured that we’re going to put every effort into winning over new readers by providing you with your daily fix of PlayStation news. We’re unlike the other drivel on the internet, though, as we’re not content with just copying and pasting press releases: we want to have a bit of fun with what we do, so we’ll be cracking-wise, delivering terrible puns and generally having a good ol’ time.

So there you have it, we’re Pure PlayStation and we’ll be writing purely about PlayStation. Geddit? Oh Lord, the puns have already begun…

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