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Site Stuff: No Meaningful News Posts Today, We Are No Fools

Today is my most feared day of the year. As a child it would often mean some stupid pranks by my friends, and as an adult who writes gaming news everyday, it has burnt me before. You’d think that every April 1st I would automatically reject any and all news stories that seem even slightly fishy. But no, I’ve fallen for a few duds in my time. Well, no more!

Today I will personally not be writing a single piece of news. I can’t trust myself. I’m an idiot. I saw the PlayStation key-ring advert and thought “wow, that’s bold” and only realised after looking at the comments that it was an April Fool joke. I saw a clip on Twitter for Platinum Games’ “new” game that the studio was going to self-publish. Again, I fell for it. Maybe old age has made me stupid. Maybe I just don’t get enough sleep. Or maybe these pranks are so good that even a genius like me can be fooled? Who knows. All I know is that it is not safe for me to be anywhere near a keyboard and the internet today. There’s only an hour left of the day left here at Pure PlayStation HQ, but to be safe I’ll wait until the rest of the world follows me into April 2nd.

Have you fallen for any pranks today? Are you planning on doing any? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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