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Hello again, it’s me, Chris Harding. I’m the guy who made Pure PlayStation, though I’m not the only one that has made it possible. In fact, without the small, dedicated, and talented team I have working alongside me, the site would be pretty dire.

When I went into this – opening a brand new website for PlayStation fans – I promised myself that this site would be as transparent as possible. I promised that the site would be the best it can possibly be while remaining objective, honest, and entertaining. I think, with a little help from my dear colleagues, I’ve managed to keep that promise.

So what’s this post all about? Transparency! Now, not many other websites would be as keen to put out their detailed statistics, but as we’ve said before, we’re not like other sites. We despise the click-bait headlines that plague our little corner of the games industry. We despise the dishonesty and bias that some sites revel in. We’re here to entertain and inform, and we do a pretty good job, or so I like to think. Well, actually, it’s true; our numbers speak for themselves.

In just over 11 months, we’ve amassed more readers than we ever imagined. At the start of this year I remember setting a target with Conor, the guy who originally ran the site while I was running other projects. I may have started Pure PlayStation in January, but it wasn’t until March that I came on board full-time. The target I’d set was 200,000 visitors for the entire year. At the time it seemed like a huge challenge, one that I wasn’t sure that we’d be able to accomplish. I’m happy to say, then, that we’ve not only smashed that target into a million pieces, but we’ve gone far and above what I thought was possible.

For a site that’s still very much in its infancy, I’m amazed that we’ve managed to make such a splash. Anyway, enough of my waffle. Here’s Pure PlayStation’s 2016 in numbers.

Total Views: January 24th – December 31st


Wow! That’s an amazing number for a site that’s still so young. I remember with my old project, it took well over 2 years to reach this number. Blimey. Let’s hope 2017 is even better!

Average View Per Day: January 24th – December 31st


This means that just over 2200 people stopped by our humble little website every single day. That’s pretty amazing, though I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed it’s not higher. What? I strive for more, even when we’re doing brilliantly!

Total Number of Reviews: January 24th – December 31st


We had a really slow start with reviews this year; from January through till June, we published less than 10 reviews a month. Since then the team has grown and we’ve become a little more established. This means publishers and PR companies working on behalf of publishers trust us enough to pass on review codes. This also means we’re going to be working extra hard in 2017 to bring you even more reviews for your favourite platforms.

Total Number of News Articles: January 24th – December 31st


Bloody. Bloody. Hell. That’s lots, isn’t it? Again, we were slow off the mark at the start of the year, but when summer came around and E3 kept us chugging the Red Bull, we hit our stride nicely. News articles are the meat and potatoes of what we do here and it’s what people want most: news on what’s coming, what’s happening, and everything in between. We’ll be doing our best to up our output this year, so that when the next stats article is publisher we’ll be looking at perhaps double what we’ve achieved this year.

Total Number of Features: January 24th – December 31st


Features are the things like our weekly Pure PlayStation Plays articles, interviews, opinions, and all other stuff. We’ve got a few ideas floating around for new features that should be pretty cool for us to work on and for you to read, watch, listen.

Top Five Articles of 2016: January 24th – December 31st

PS3 Firmware Update 4.80 Released – Super Stable

Don’t Get Too Excited About the Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster “Leak”

Guide: How to Watch VR Porn on Your PSVR

God of War 4 Concept Art Leaked, Site That Leaked it Completely Vanishes

Evolve: Stage 2 for PS4, When’s it Coming?

These were the top five stories of the year. They garnered the most hits this year. What we can see from the list above is that plenty of people still use their PS3 and want to know what each and every update does. It also tells us that a lot of people who bought their PSVR did what most people do with a screen: “how do I get porn on this thing?”

Top Five Reviews: January 24th – December 31st

No Man’s Sky – PS4

Tethered – PS4/PSVR

Mafia 3 – PS4

Watch Dogs 2 – PS4

Windlands – PS4/PSVR

Our No Man’s Sky review was a little early due to the fact I managed to snag an early copy. In general, any review that hits the internet first is going to get massive traffic. It’s not something we actively set out to do for every single game, though when the opportunity presents itself we’ll jump on it without hesitation. Why wouldn’t we?!

Top Five Referrers: January 24th – December 31st


Direct (when people head straight for Pure PlayStation using the url or bookmark)




This is where things get a little depressing, if I’m being honest. Almost 60% of our traffic comes directly from Google, yet she is a fickle beast. One day we’ll be top of the first page for a news story that we broke, or a review that we published. The next day we could be several pages deep, overshadowed by shitty clickbait titles from websites with zero ethics.

Closing Statement

It’s been a great year here at Pure PlayStation, and I am genuinely humbled when I look back at what’s been done, what we’ve achieved, and what could possibly happen in the future. I wouldn’t be sat here writing this if it wasn’t for everyone that’s visited the website, especially those who pop in on a regular basis. I also wouldn’t be sat here writing this if it wasn’t for the great team that’s worked alongside me over the last year. So, to round this off and give everyone a bit of credit, I’ll end it like this:


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