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Howdy ho, it’s me, the guv’nor ’round here, Chris. You alright? Good. You’re reading this because you’re at least in the tiniest bit interested in joining our weird and wonderful team, which is brilliant! Read on and I’ll sell you on the job, promise.

Since we opened our doors almost five years ago (yikes!) we’ve grown massively and the workload has grown with us. I remember when this was still just a one-man operation and I’d be sending emails to developers, publishers and PR agents, begging them to hand out some codes so that I could get some reviews up on the site. It was hard work and a lot of the time I didn’t even get a reply. Now, though? It couldn’t be any further away from that.

Whenever I get that email notification noise in my pocket, a little part of me shudders. Will it just be a press release, or will it be yet another damn code? It’s gotten to the point now where we’re getting more codes than we can cover, so we’re taking more time to get our reviews out as everyone is playing two or three games at a time. Sounds like heaven, right? It’s not. Some games are turds, let’s face it, and others require hours and hours of dedicated play.

So here I am on the lookout for new blood for Pure PlayStation. We’re in desperate need of reviewers, so if you think you can spare a few hours a week to play and critique the latest releases, get in touch!

Unfortunately this is not a paid position. We’re not yet at a point where we’re profitable enough that I can afford to pay out salaries to writers. I wish it was different, truly, but the reality is that adblockers are killing our bottom line and we’re not quite there yet with an audience in the millions. But who knows, maybe one day… Until then we’ll keep on doing what we’re doing because we enjoy it, and if we can make a few pennies down the line, that’s a bonus.

If you’re interested in joining us, send an email with a sample of your mad writing skillz to chris.harding@pureplaystation.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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