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Hi, it’s me, Chris Harding. Again… From time-to-time I’ll break the usual format and throw out an article where I address the world as myself rather than the royal ‘we’ that we use when writing news articles.

The purpose of this one is to find the best and brightest would-be video-game writers. We’ve come a long way in the 12 months since we opened our digital doors, but now we’re in something of a pickle: We really, really need more staff. Everyone on the Pure PlayStation team works hard to bring you the latest news and reviews, but we’ve just about hit our breaking point. It’s gotten to the stage where there are more games to review than we can handle; there are more news stories to write than we can manage; and there are too many people to let down by not giving them the full coverage they desire.

Basically, we need people. If you’ve an interest in writing news articles about video-games and the industry in general, or maybe you’re only really interested in critiquing the latest releases, I want to hear from you. I must warn you ahead of time though, that time-wasters will not be tolerated on this ship. Unfortunately we’ve had some turnovers due to people wanting to be associated with the site but not actually pulling through. Sorry, but that won’t fly anymore.

Peep this:  August 2021 PS Plus Games Leaked on PlayStation Website

Everyone who works on the site is expected to behave in a professional manner. Though the work is unpaid (we’re not that big, yet!) I still expect a high-degree of professionalism and integrity (and fun!). If you’re serious about it, let me know. If you think it’d be cool to be able to say that you write for Pure PlayStation but you’d only put out one news article every month, don’t bother wasting either of our time. Sorry, but like I said, we’ve gone through enough time-wasters.

So, in short, we need new blood, please bleed into our collection basket so that we may sacrifice it to the gaming gods. Thanks.

You can get started by sending an email through to [email protected]

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  1. Hello Mr. Harding. I am a 33 year old avid gamer (since the age of 4) and I have a PS4, PSVR and a PSVita. I love spreading news about all things PlayStation (I’m heavily involved in several communities on PS4) and I am interested in joining your team.

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