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Site Stuff: Writers, Editors, Reviewers – We Want YOU!

Pure PlayStation and its sister sites are looking for some outside help – could you be the hero we’ve been waiting for? Read on and find out.

Hello there gorgeous gamers, Editor Chris here and I’m coming at you today with some opportunities across Pure PlayStation and our sister websites, as well as our all-platform YouTube channel, Pure Play TV.

We’re looking to expand our team and take on some new talent. Not just here, mind you, so if your passion isn’t really PlayStation but is instead more geared towards VR, Xbox, or Nintendo, then we’ve got a place for you.

We’ve got multiple openings all over the place so have a gander down below and then get in touch via [email protected]

Note: All positions are paid, though there are variances. This will be discussed at the interview stage. Bear in mind, though, that we’re a small operation and you won’t be paying your rent anytime soon with what we pay, but it’s a bit of extra cash in your pocket and, depending on the role, it could be quite substantial. More details below.

Editor (Pure Ninty/Pure Stadia/Jump Xbox)

The sites listed above need some love. They’ve been left languishing on the internet for far too long. We just don’t have the manpower to get them going – at least not yet.

Whether you’re a passionate Nintendo fan, an Xboxer, or a die-hard Stadia believer (hey, I am – we do exist!) then we might have a job for you.

As the Editor of one of those sites, you’ll be the person in charge. You’ll be responsible for keeping the ship afloat. You’ll need to build a team, nurture that team, and love that team. You can also name that team if you want. X Force? Power Writer Rangers? Writers League? Go for it. Whatever works for you.

You’ll take complete ownership of the direction the site sails in. You’ll work on building relationships with PR companies, developers, publishers, and everyone in between. You will, of course, be guided every step of the way. You won’t do this alone – you’ll be part of a team.

As the Editor, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a cut of the advertising revenue from the site you run. How does 60% sound? It sounds damn good, that’s how it sounds. So whether the site makes £10 or £10,000 (or whatever currency you like) you’ll get 60% of the revenue. Plus, there are quarterly bonuses based on overall profit for everybody involved across all sites. When we all do well, we all do better.

Previous experience in an editorial capacity is strongly preferred, but not exactly essential. I started out as an idiot with a laptop a decade ago and I’m still doing this. Can’t hurt to get in touch though, right?

Deputy Editor (Pure PlayStation/Pure Play VR/Pure Stadia/Pure Ninty/Jump Xbox)

The Deputy Editor is number two on the various sites. You’ll aid with the daily running of the place and helping to keep the wheels in motion. Whether that’s assigning tasks to the team, liaising with PR for review opportunities, interview opportunities, or other matters, you’ll be at the forefront. You’ll also lead the charge with the daily output of news, rumours, features, and the rest. You’ll be like me, but better.

Previous experience in an online-based role is essential as our teams are spread over the globe.

Previous experience with WordPress is desirable but not essential as training can be given. Plus, it’s really easy to use. I use it for Christ sake…

English is a must, even if it’s not your native language. So long as you can write clearly in English, that’s enough for us.

News Writer/s (Pure PlayStation/Pure Play VR/Pure Stadia/Pure Ninty/Jump Xbox)

News writers are the frontline troops pummeling the site with new news every day. You’ll be expected to produce news pieces on a daily basis – and you’ll be paid per piece.

Previous experience isn’t essential as training will be provided, but the ability to write cohesive English is essential. If u rite lyk dis in ur email 2 us, u wont get a reply. Innit?

Reviewer/s (Pure PlayStation/Pure Play VR/Pure Stadia/Pure Ninty/Jump Xbox)

To be honest, everybody does reviews, even the news writers, but a few dedicated reviewers never hurts.

Your job will be to play games, analyse them, and then review them to a high standard. If you find yourself judging a game as you play, writing a review that will never be written as you progress, you should probably in get in touch. We’ll give you a place to put your thoughts out there for the world to see.

Every review is turned into a video and reviewers receive a slice of the revenue once the video is live. Not bad, eh? How does 30% sound? It sounds like 100% more than other sites offer, that’s what it sounds like.

Preferably, you’ll own a PS5. If you don’t, fair enough – they’re hard to come by and we’re living through a pandemic – times are anything but easy. So long as you’ve got a PS4 to hand, you’ll be good to go for at least the next couple of years as most games will be cross-gen anyway.

Ideally, you will have some experience in critical analysis. If you have previous experience, please mention this in your email and include examples.

Feature Writer/s (Pure PlayStation/Pure Play VR/Pure Stadia/Pure Ninty/Jump Xbox)

Feature writers will create lists upon lists upon lists upon – you get the idea. Though I should note that it’s not all lists. Lists are great because people love a Top Ten This That and the Other, but if you’ve got a thought on something and want to get it out to the world, you can use this as your platform.

Features that can be adapted for video (lists!) will net the writer a slice of the video revenue. Again, how does 30% sound? Again, it sounds 100% better than other places!

Guide Writer/s (Pure PlayStation/Pure Play VR/Pure Stadia/Pure Ninty/Jump Xbox)

Do you have a knack for putting together guides? In fact, how does one know if they’re good at putting together a guide? Do you just wake up one day and play a game and track every single collectable just for the fun of it? I don’t know how the mind of a guide writer works, but if you are a guide writer and want to earn some pennies, come and introduce yourself.

Social Media Manager (Pure PlayStation/Pure Play VR/Pure Stadia/Pure Ninty/Jump Xbox)

Do you know how hard it is to juggle social media, video editing, writing, editing the writing of others, and all the rest of the stuff that I do around here? It’s solid. It’s exhausting. I want to palm this job off to somebody else, mainly to reduce my workload and partly because I actually hate it.

Experience is preferable but not required. So long as you’ve got a finger on the gaming pulse and know your memes, you’re good to go.

Your job will be to promote the site/s through various social media channels. You’ll share our work far and wide and interact with the rest of the internet in an attempt to make them like us. We’re likeable people, we just don’t know how to show it on Twitter and Facebook. We tried on LinkedIn but they don’t really like memes over there. Not unless it’s about ABC – Always Be Closing (the sale…) Bunch of weirdos.

If you’re interested in any of the positions up above then please get in touch via [email protected] and make sure to mention which site you are interested in working on. 

Top tip – make an impression. Beth’s a hardass and she won’t pass on applications if she thinks they’re a waste of time…

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