Skull Pirates and War Theatre Coming to PSX 2017

We have a double feature of new games announced for PSX 2017. Skull Pirates puts you in the overly expensive shoes of the Skull Queen. She has run up an enormous debt with her shopping, and the loan sharks have come to take their pound of flesh. Maybe she went crazy on Black Friday too.

Fortunately, she is a pirate and can afford to steal her way to being debt free. Along with the crew of The Coccyx Avenger, they will will pick the bones clean on the isle of Catannia, while running away from the inhabitants. Most people take a dim view of theft, especially if they are being robbed. You can expect the authorities will have something to say about your sticky fingers.

Once you have relieved the prior owners of their materialistic burdens, there is no honor among thieves. Other pirates want to steal your hard-stolen gains. The nerve of stealing from you after you went to all the hard work of stealing it from someone else. What is this world coming to?

If skeleton thieves on the high seas tickles your funny bone, you can enjoy it with a friend in online or local co-op.

War Theatre is the second game on display at PSX 2017. The second half of the trailer seems to take a much more serious turn during the footage for War Theatre. The music for the strategy RPG is much more serious, and the gas masks and World War I influences are present.

The game is actually set in the same world as Plague Road, and the visual style is similar. It builds on the ideas seen in Desert Ashes on the PS Vita and adds hero units with special abilities and skills.

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Gold won after a level helps you build and upgrade your army which could be filled with rats. At least, they seem like a potential unit, and your hero unit can send rats to poison your enemies. (Look, I don’t need Indiana Jones to tell me to be afraid of them. The normal ones are bad enough, and these rodents can use guns. We are going to need a terminator cat from the future to take them down.)

War Theatre is going to be focused on PvP, instead of Skull Pirates co-op play. Both games will support cross-play multiplayer between the PS4 and PS Vita. War Theatre is due out in the first quarter of next year, but we will have to wait a little longer for Skull Pirates.

With PSX 2017 starting on December 9th, it looks as if we still have some surprises to anticipate. Sony cannot possibly have too many more titles like Ghost of Tsushima waiting to be revealed, but there could be a few more smaller titles to announce for next year. Even if they only give us a few updates on known games, 2018 is looking very good.

Let us know what you hope to see at PSX 2017. For us, we would like to know when Final Fantasy VII is going to finally grace our console. Give us a date already. 


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