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Skully Gameplay Trailer Delivers Almost 10 Minutes of Head Rolling Platforming Action; Coming August 4th

Some games fly under the radar, and Skully may be one of them. Let’s fix that right now. A new trailer gives us almost ten minutes of gameplay, and it’s a nice dose of platforming action. Coming this August, Skully is the story of a reanimated skull that will help prevent a family of upset deities from destroying an island. This family feud will take place over seven different environments and eighteen levels.

The gameplay trailer shows Skully rolling through a grassy and rocky area while the god that revived it details the situation and gives general commentary. Skully is silent, but there is plenty to do. There are all the general platforming tricks of landing a good jump, rolling around ramps, and collecting items while dodging or eliminating enemies.

You can also jump into clay pools to take on forms with special abilities to solve puzzles. The first is a tough form that can break through rocks. They show other forms that are able to move certain objects or double jump. You can also create multiples of the same form to solve a puzzle. It looks creative and colorful which is everything I want in a good platformer.

Check out the trailer for a longer look at Skully. The full game will roll onto the PS4 on August 4th.

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