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Slender: The Arrival Devs Announce Valley for PS4 With a Trailer and Screenshots

Blue Isle Studios has announced today a new game for the PS4, Valley. The game drops players into a bright and colourful world with Valley where they must utilise the L.E.A.F Suit – a technology that allows you to move with great speed and agility, as well as granting you the ability to manipulate life and death. Weird, no?

“After the success of Slender: The Arrival, we wanted to do something completely unique that offered players an amazing amount of freedom, and Valley is just that,” said Alex Tintor, CEO of Blue Isle Studios. “This is an incredibly exciting project for us – something totally new and distinct, that we expect will intrigue players.”

Valley will arrive on PS4, PC, and Xbox One this summer, though there’s no set-in-stone release date at the time of writing. What there is, however, is a trailer and some screenshots.

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