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Slice Up Songs in Beat Saber for PSVR on Nov 20th

The PSVR has some very unique experiences, and Beat Saber will be joining them on November 20th. Using your lightsabers beat sabers, you will cut approaching red or blue cubes in a specific direction in time with the beat of a song. The rhythm game speeds up the complexity as its neon world shines around you. I know I say it every time, but the trailer deserves a watch to see it in motion.

What does it bring for us now that it has finally come to PSVR? There will be a campaign mode that will push your skills, and there is a practice mode that will let you slow down a song or start from different places to work on your trouble spots. For those who know how to handle a sword, there are modifiers that will let you change the game and make it even harder. There are also five new songs for the PSVR version of the game.

The game will have a few different modes to mix it up. Do you have a few friends over for some gaming? Party Mode is a good place to entertain anyone wanting to give it a try. One Saber Mode will let you unleash your inner Inigo Montoya. You will only have one sword to do the work of two. Finally, No Arrows Mode lets you choose the best slash for the job.

With global leader boards, competition will be fierce when Beat Saber cuts more than a rug on November 20th. The developers plan to support the game with expansion packs, and the first one will bring ten new songs for you to master. We have been watching this one for a while, so be sure to check back with us to see if it makes the cut.

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