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Slighty Mad CEO Shares First Images of Mad Box, Promises Free Games for Life for Selfie Takers

There’s weird, and then there’s Slighty Mad Studios. The game developer’s CEO has taken to Twitter recently to announce that his company is bringing a new console to market, one that will be VR ready and will play games at 4K/60fps. They’re going after Sony’s lunch, basically, but it all sounds a little too good to be true.

The CEO, who is fairly new to the Twitter game, has shared a few images of the console. Well, I say images of the console but they’re actually CG renders – there’s no actual console to present right now. You can have a gander at the images down below.

The CEO has also made quite a promise that should appeal to the selfie generation: take a selfie with the console and you’ll receive free games for life, if they’re deemed the best selfies. It’s a tempting offer, isn’t it? But then how would this actually work? Would you receive all the latest games for free, or just the ones that SMS makes? It’s sounding sillier and sillier by the day. What about tomorrow? Free money for those who pre-order? Free flights if you take your console on holiday? Who bloody knows… Heck, it could all just be one big prank to show how gullible gaming news sites are.


So, will you be throwing your PS4 in the bin and moving over to the Mad Box? Will you be forgetting all about pre-ordering the PS5? Will you be donating you PSVR headset to the local orphanage? 

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