Slot Car Racing Game Tiny Trax to Drift Onto the PlayStation VR

The folks at FutureLab are here to tell us that there is more to virtual reality than the first person perspective. Tiny Trax, a racing game that features toy cars, doesn’t put you behind the wheel like most racing games. Instead, you stand over the track (or inside the track!) as the tiny cars race around your feet and drift passed your nose. You’ll drive your car like a remote control through the Wipeout-esque tracks, splashing underwater, driving along walls, and completely defying gravity.

The top-down view offers a unique perspective that would seem to lend itself well to the tiny toy racetracks.  There are currently 12 unique and insane tracks built around the player, with each offering a different locale, from tropical beaches and lost ruins, to a strange alien planet.

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FutureLab’s Dave Gabriel had this to say about Tiny Trax’s multiplayer:

“Choose from six vehicles to race against AI, or up to four friends online in single races or tournaments, posting high scores to the leaderboards. Tiny Trax has been designed to give you 100% VR comfort time and again, so you can replay as much as you need to improve your times.”

FutureLab is being deceptively coy about Tiny Trax’s release date, saying only to keep an eye out for more news at E3.

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