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Smash and Shoot in Rage Room for PSVR, Out Today on North American PSN for $29.99

If you’re looking for a way to release all of that excess anger but don’t want to have to re-plaster the walls or replace the windows every week, Rage Room for PSVR may be the answer.

Lockem Reality’s smash-em-up simulator has released today onto the North American PlayStation Store with very little fanfare. I only heard of the game’s release from a curious friend via WhatsApp. Furthermore, the game is nowhere to be found on the UK and European PlayStation Stores.

Rage Room is simple in its concept: smash crash test dummies with whatever you can get your hands on. Release the rage without smashing actual humans. Sounds safer than what I normally do…

The game originally released on Christmas Day, 2017, but it’s only now seeing the light of day on PlayStation VR. While the game is the same version released on PC, albeit with a few tweaks to meet the needs of PSVR, it’s priced considerably higher at $29.99. This could be a mistake, however, but if it’s not then you’re looking at paying twice as much as PCVR players did when the game released for $14.99. Not a good look, is it? An email has been sent to the developer and I’ll make sure to post an update if there’s any reply.

So, what is Rage Room? It’s basically a room with no windows and doors, just you and crash test dummies. There are three game modes on offer. Free Mode is exactly what it sounds like. You’re free to smash dummies in whatever way you fancy. You start with basic weapons and then you upgrade to bigger and better weapons by destroying dummies and collecting credits.

Then there’s the game’s Story Mode. Here you’ll being at ‘Facility 12’, a facility used for testing the effectiveness of weapons. Again, you start off with basic weapons before moving on to bigger and better tools of destruction. In this mode the dummies have a tendency to come alive, so you’ll need to be a little more on your game than in Free Mode.

Lastly, there’s Frenzy Mode. There are seven different frenzies to choose from, with each different scenario showcasing different weapons as you race against the clock to destroy the dummies. Simple.

Source: PlayStation Store

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