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Snake Pass Scores a New Game Mode in Free PS4 Update

Sumo Digital, the developer behind the colourful platformer Snake Pass has released a brand new update for the game on PS4 and other platforms. Rather than just being a bug-fix deployment, Snake Pass’ latest update actually gives players a brand new game mode to play. Thanksssss!

The new game mode is called Arcade Mode and it’s available as part of Snake Pass’ 1.4 update on PS4. Arcade Mode tasks you with slithering your way through the game’s levels to collect as much fruit as you can within the given time limit. Once the timer is up, your score is taken and placed on the brand new online leaderboards. It’s not the biggest addition to any game, of course, but it’s a nice addition no less that this scribe will be tackling once he has a free moment.

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There’s a trailer up above that shows the new mode in action. It’s still Snake Pass, but now it’s competitive. Could it be the next e-sport? We’re willing to bet… not much. The odds are 1000/1. So we’ll put a tenner down, just in case.

Will you be snaking your way Arcade Mode, or has Snake Pass found itself in the digital bin? Snake your way down to the comments and let us know. Just, er, don’t actually snake us. We don’t wanna see any peenies.

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