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Snake Pass Slithering to Release on March 28th/29th

Bad puns aside, remember when Sumo Digital, creators of LittleBigPlanet 3, first announced Snake Pass? The game where you literally play as a snake in a colorful world that screams 90’s platforming? Well not only will it include PlayStation 4 Pro support, but it will be releasing on March 28th for North America and the 29th for Europe. That is the time when you’ll control Noodle the Snake and Doodle the Hummingbird in an effort to protect their land.

Snake Pass is a real passion project for the team. It’s been so fun creating our own characters, visual style and establishing our own voice as IP creators.” said Seb Liese, Creator of Snake Pass. “Our mission with Snake Pass, was to make the simple act of controlling Noodle the Snake as fun as possible. Once players start to ‘think like a snake’, they will be amazed at the incredible feats of acrobatics they are capable of.”

We’re glad to see old school inspired platformers making a comeback. This and Yooka-Laylee certainly have the excitement going on here at Pure PlayStation. If you have any fond memories of 90’s platform titles or are equally as excited for new ones coming out, let us know! Especially  regarding the Crash Bandicoot remaster/remake.

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