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Sneak and Steal Some Treasure in Persona 5

With the newest Persona 5 trailer, we have a much better idea of the changes to the combat and what the new metaphysical realm will be called. The new battleground is known as the Metaverse, and you will use your trusty phone to enter it. The Metaverse is broken into different Palaces, and each one contains a treasure that represents one person’s secret desire. The Phantom Thieves break into the Palaces and steal the treasure, allowing the person to realize their desire was evil. We look forward to reveling in some very broken psyches, and our fingers are crossed for some very interesting desires.

Since you are called the Phantom Thieves, it makes sense that this game will focus on a little more stealth. While fighting Shadows, you will need to sneak by them or ambush them to avoid being detected. If you are repeatedly caught, you are ejected from the Metaverse and cannot return until the next day. If you sneak into movies, you are already playing this game.

In a hat tip to the Shin Megami Tensei games, Persona 5 will also allow you to speak to the demons to negotiate for items or money or to be able to use them as a persona. (If you have ever been divorced, this may seem familiar.) The trailer shows you being able to switch multiple persona, and this may be the only way to accumulate them.

In addition to using different persona to attack the weaknesses of your enemies, you will also be able to utilize a Baton Pass option during battles. This allows one character to give their turn to another character who can bring the elemental pain and hit their weakness. It is a welcome feature, and, depending on how SP is refreshed, it could be a balance of risk and reward.

Persona 5 will sneak onto the PS4 and PS3 on April 4th.

Do you like these new combat changes and the inclusion of stealth? Do you not care what they do as long as you can have it in your dark, desiring hands? Let us know in the comments if this latest trailer has slaked your thirst, or if it has only continued to whet your appetite for this highly anticipated title.

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