Sneak a Cheeky Peek at Dynasty Warriors 9’s Man Chong

Koei Tecmo has dropped five character trailers for its upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9. Set in China after the Han dynasty and pulling inspiration from the historically-based Three Kingdoms novel, it puts you in the boots of one of many characters who can easily prevail against hundreds of opponents on the battlefield.

The videos showcase the combat finesse and special moves of Zhao Yun, Xian Xianying, Xu Sheng, and Sun Quan with one more interestingly-named soldier. His name is Man Chong, which, although we cannot be absolutely sure why, makes us giggle. Ahhhhhh, dumb immaturity. We’ll beat you someday, but not today.

If we have to be serious for just a second, Dynasty Warriors 9 looks good. The combat seems fluid, with enemies flying into the air and fiery weapon effects. There is a new combo system incorporating three types of attacks and different weapons for you to use and improve. By equipping a warrior’s favorite weapon, they can perform special moves.

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The game also lets you improve what you already have. You can buy a better horse, upgrade your weapons, craft items, and buy one of several hideaways.

With a February 13th release date, check out the trailers to see Dynasty Warriors 9 in action and let us know if the name Man Chong makes you laugh like a goofy twelve-year-old too.

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