Sneak or Kill Your Way Past Enemies When Aragami Drops on October 4th

Sneak or Kill Your Way Past Enemies When Aragami Drops on October 4th

Uniquely designed ninja adventure, Aragami (as if you couldn’t tell by the name), ¬†will hit PS4s October 4th. Both digital and retail. Aragami is a third-person stealth game where you play as an undead assassin brought back to life by a princess. You also wield shadow powers. You’ll be able to teleport between shadows, create shadow paths of your own, create shadow decoys and weapons, and summon creatures of shadow as well.

There are two distinct ways to play Aragami that the developer, Lince Works, has aptly named Ghosts and Demons. The former allows you to play like a sneaky ninja of old and the latter has you killing everything in sight. You can even choose between the two in the middle of gameplay. Be warned though that if you go the sneaky route expect to use your head as well as your reflexes. Getting spotted even once will matter.

In addition you can expect around eight or ten hours of gameplay for the story and more if you are a collectible finder. There will also be an online co-op mode and a platinum trophy to achieve.

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