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Sniper Elite 4 Street Date Broken Throughout Europe

Another big release, another street date broken. It’s becoming something of a commonplace now, isn’t it? Whether by ignorance on the part of retailers, or a relaxed attitude to such things as release dates by smaller vendors, it’s easier than ever to get games before their release date. Heck, we do it all the time!

The latest such release to find its way out into the hands of gamers a little earlier than it should have been is Rebellion’s Sniper Elite 4.We spotted the ball-busting sniper-sim in German supermarket Real on Friday, as well as in Saturn and Media Markt, two of Europe’s biggest entertainment stores. It’s not just ‘ze Germans’ that are getting the game early, it’s also the French and the British. We’ve been tipped off that some of Fnac’s French stores are already selling the game and have been for a week.

Elsewhere, British shoppers can find the game on supermarket shelves (Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys) in north Wales (Bangor, Llandudno, Rhyl) and south Wales (Cardiff, Swansea).

Sniper Elite 4 is officially out on February 14th, but if you can find a copy early… We’ll have our review of Rebellion’s Sniper Elite 4 a day before release, so check back in with Pure PlayStation to see what we make of it. (Hint: It’s pretty good, apparently…)

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