Sociable Soccer Comes Off the Bench This May… In Blackpool

Jon Hare probably isn’t the biggest name in gaming right now, but at one time this guy was at the pinnacle of the industry with his outstanding Sensible Soccer series. The franchise has since been taken off the pitch via a stretcher and two inept medics, but the dream lives on.

Jon Hare announced a few months ago that his studio would be creating a “spiritual successor” to Sensible Soccer with – are you ready? – Sociable Soccer. Yes, like most spiritual successors, Sociable Soccer is avoiding any lawsuits with the original copyright holders. Good move, Jon.

The point is, the game is pure nostalgia for fans of the olden days of gaming, and what’s more is that you’ll be able to go hands-on with Sociable Soccer next month in the northern England city of Blackpool – a city best known for its fairground, numerous shows and abundance of drag queen acts that litter the streets every night. It’s truly a wonderful place if you can survive without being stabbed, mugged, or groped.

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There’s actual a little event going on in Blackpool next month that doesn’t carry the risk of Hep-C: PLAY Blackpool. The gaming event is where Sociable Soccer will get its first ever public showing and eager players will be able to give the game a play as part of a tournament which Jon Hare himself will be present for. He’ll even be answering a few questions as part of a Q&A after the tournament has finished.

“We are delighted to give all of the attendants at PLAY Expo Blackpool a hands on sneak preview of Sociable Soccer, it really is the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer… Super-fast football fun,” said Hare ahead of next month’s showing.

If you’re interested in attending PLAY Blackpool, you can get your tickets from here.

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