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Solve a 15-Year-Old Murder in Root Letter: Last Answer

Digging up the past can be hard, but digging up the facts on a murder that happened 15 years again can be impossible. That’s your quest in Root Letter: Last Answer. You and Aya Fumino used to write letters to each other, until she was murdered. Now, you will use those same letters to uncover the truth from the people who lived in her town at the time. The story is set in Shimane Prefecture, and the game map actually tries to stick close to the real world locations.

Although it’s a visual novel, Root Letter: Last Answer leverages those locations with a strong investigative focus. You will need to search for clues using your magnifying glass tool. Leave no stone unturned, and grab everything that looks useful. Your inventory and knowledge will be crucial when it comes time to start breaking through the reluctance of Aya’s childhood friends.

Those friends are now adults, but secrets remain. Confronting and interrogating those friends with everything you have will lead you to reveal some of those secrets, but, the darker the secret, the more effort it will take. That’s the road to discovering why Aya was killed, and not everyone is eager to have that mystery solved.

If that sounds cool, check out the gameplay trailer. Beyond the gameplay, it also shows how you’ll be able to switch between the animated and live-action styles of the game. You can start to solve Aya’s murder when Root Letter: Last Answer releases August 30th.

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