Some Poor Sod Has Had His PSN Account Banned for Being Named ‘Jihad’

Bloody hell. We’re in for some harsh stuff here, so strap in and read the lot before you comment.

Some poor lad has had his PSN account indefinitely banned by Sony because of his online name – ‘Jihad’. Now, obviously we all know that the word Jihad has been used in the context of terrorism, but its actual meaning is, as the guy himself puts it “struggling and putting an effort in doing something noble, good and highly valued,” and it’s his actual birth-given name.

Here’s an explanation from Jihad Fatima Hanan Elreda of Your Middle East:

“To understand the meaning of Jihad one must take look at the word, its root, and its branches.

The word Jihad جهاد is derived from the word Jahada جهد which means strived, struggled, or made an effort.

Hence, the noun form of the word ‘jihad’ means struggle. So when a person struggles he is a Mujahed مجاهد (noun) or Jihadi جهادي (adjective or noun). The linguistic meaning of the word, however, has drowned in a vortex of misrepresentation.” 

So, the guy has had his PSN account for years and when he was first flagged by Sony and he then explained, a Sony rep offered to help him out by giving him the opportunity to change his account name. Wait, what? Sony, you said that’s not possible?!

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Jihad was happy enough to accept the offer of changing the PSN account name, but after a couple of days he was contacted again by Sony to confirm that his online ID was in fact in breach of its terms of service and that he’ll be getting zilch. Nada. Seems a tad (read: grossly) unfair.

So far the reaction on Reddit has been mostly in support of Jihad, and we’re behind him, too. So, Sony, if you’re reading this: stop being silly and give the guy his account back. Fair enough if it was something obscene, but c’mon, it’s his bloody name.

Do you have a somewhat questionable online ID? Have you been hounded by Sony for something so menial? Give us a shout below.

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