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Something Batman-Related is Almost Definitely Getting Announced Soon

We all know that there’s a Batman game in the works. After the success of Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy, there’s no way Warner Bros. would let the caped crusader rest a while, not when his name alone brings in the big bucks.

There have been rumours doing the rounds for a while now that Warner Bros. Montreal has been working on a Batman game based around the Court of Owls. We’ve seen the developers themselves hinting at the game, but to-date we’ve not had anything official announced. Hell, we’ve not even had any leaked off-screen footage or anything. Ubisoft, this is not. 

At the time of writing, Warner hasn’t made any comment on a new Batman game, nor has it spoken about Rocksteady’s in-development title. However, the last couple of days have fans into a spin. First we had the leaks of Batman-related content in the super popular Fortnite. Why Batman and why Fortnite? The latter is the biggest game on the market right now and Epic Games is no stranger to hosting promotional crossover events for upcoming products. Remember the Avengers stuff? Yeah, this could be another one of them.

This month’s PlayStation Plus freebies are also another clue that something is bubbling under the surface. If you’re a PS Plus member, September’s freebies include Batman: Arkham Knight. Why’s that a big deal? Alone, it’s not. But today we also had Warner Bros. give away most of its Batman-related library on the Epic Games Store (much to the dismay of Steam believers). The entire Arkham trilogy (no love for Origins, unfortunately) and the LEGO Batman trilogy have all been given out as freebies for Epic Games Store customers.

This could be a great marketing tactic by Warner Bros. to get some buzz back around the Batman name before the reveal of its next Dark Knight game. Rumour has it that September 21st will be the date we get an official announcement, to coincide with the 80th anniversary of Batman.

My money says that yes, we will get an announcement either on Friday or over the weekend. Ten quid says I’m right. I look forward to receiving my winnings (and a Batman: Court of Owls announcement).

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