Song in Smoke is Far Cry Primal for PSVR, Releases 2021

Song in Smoke by 17-BIT is a brand new survival game for PSVR and it’s coming to the headset later this year. Does it look… familiar?

You would be forgiven for thinking that Ubisoft was giving PSVR another shot with the trailer for Song in Smoke. It does look a lot like Far Cry Primal, doesn’t it? Even on the trailer, YouTube’s algorithms have determined that the game IS Far Cry Primal. Silly Google.

While it’s not a VR entry in the Far Cry franchise, it does share a few similarities with the Primal spin-off from a few years back.

For one, machine guns and rocket launchers are out; crafted clubs and bows are in. Predators stalk you in the game’s deadly open world as you try to survive just one more day. Crafting supplies, fighting off big scary beasts and managing hunger, stamina, and warmth are all core parts of Song in Smoke.

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Song in Smoke promises players agency; every choice is yours to make. Whether you’re staying put in one place or venturing to new hunting grounds, it’s you who has to weigh up the potential risk and, more importantly, the potential rewards.

Song in Smoke may have only just been announced, but I think I can safely say that it’s definitely going to be one to watch. Speaking of… catch the trailer below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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