Song of Horror Complete Edition Update 1.01 Fixes Episode 4 Errors

Protocol Games has finally fixed the broken Song of Horror Complete Edition with the new 1.01 update, finally allowing players to finish the game.

If you’ve been playing Protcol Games’ Song of Horror Complete Edition, you’ve probably not been able to finish the game. The reason? Episode 4 essentially breaks the game and our newest recruit, Megan, has been pulling her hair out trying to get the review finished.

The first three episodes of Song of Horror are fine, but once you reach Episode 4 you’ll start encountering errors as you go through the game’s many doors. In poor Meg’s case, her console would turn off after ten minutes, and she also lost her save data – twice. Eventually, she got sick of losing her progress and putting her console at risk, so she laid the game to rest in the hope that the planned update for the middle of June would fix it.

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Finally, weeks later than expected, Song of Horror Complete Edition has received an update to stop the game from crashing and to allow progress in Episode 4 and beyond.

The new update is version 1.01 and the patch notes simply read: “adjustments to improve the user experience.”

An understatement if there ever was one, but Meg has since confirmed that the update no longer kills her console and she has been able to see the gritty horror tale through to its end.


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