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Song of Horror is Coming to PS4, Xbox One Just in Time for Halloween

After a successful release on PC, Raiser Games and Protocol Games have announced that Song of Horror will be bringing its survival-horror gameplay to PS4 and Xbox One on October 29th, 2020 – just in time for some spooky Halloween gaming.

The console release will include all five episodes in one complete package, letting players experience Song of Horror in one coherent flow, rather than the staggered episodic release the game had the first time around on PC. Not that it suffered for it, mind you, as the game has become a cult hit with horror enthusiasts.

Song of Horror tasks players with investigating the mystery of the disappearance of Sebastian P. Husher, a famed author. Husher has disappeared off the face of the earth, and so have his entire family.

Players can take on any of the 13 different playable characters in this third-person survival horror, across a story full of twists and turns.

“We have been blown away by the reception Song of Horror has had on PC, and now’s the time to broaden the game’s base and reach out to console players,” says studio co-founder Carlos Grupeli. “The survival-horror genre has such a history on both PlayStation and Xbox that it feels only right to bring our little ode to all that has gone before to an audience that truly appreciates real scares.”

The console trailer is up above, so give it a watch. Or are you a scardey-cat?

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