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Songbird Symphony’s Musical Trailer is Just Downright Adorable, Releasing July 25th

Music games haven’t had the best press in recent years. Guitar Hero Live died prematurely while Rock Band 4 has limped along for the last few years. Decent music-focused games are hard to come by, so it’s nice to see Joysteak Studios’ Songbird Symphony in action. While it may not be a true music game, music is a massive part of what makes the game tick.

The developer and the game’s publisher, PQube, have released a brand new trailer today focusing on the musical aspects of the game, showing how getting your timing right can help you navigate the colourful world that the game’s hero, Birb, inhabits.

Songbird Symphony is a platformer with a twist. To progress you’ll need to solve puzzles which will create musical melodies that change the game’s environment to help you. You’ll also go toe-to-toe in epic musical battles to earn the respect of your fellow songbirds. It’s a delightfully chirpy little game and it’s coming to PS4 this July 25th. Check out the trailer above and try not to wiggle to the catchy music. I failed. I’m still whistling the tune…

“Songbird Symphony¬†is a musical adventure that tells the heartfelt story of Birb, a small orphaned bird that one day wakes up alone in a strange forest and is picked up by the slightly hyperactive but caring Uncle Peacock. Somewhat like in “The Ugly Duckling”, the other birds reject the chick for looking different, which doesn’t keep little Birb down and he embarks on an adventure to find out about his heritage.”

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