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Sonic Mania Looking Good in Green Hill Zone Act 2 Gameplay Trailer

We were very excited when Sonic Mania was revealed to the world during Sega’s, otherwise weird, 25th Anniversary Celebration for everyone’s favorite hedgehog. It looked to truly take Sonic back to form and cast out the clunky 3D levels and bestiality. Yes, that was a thing. Remember Sonic 2006? Anyway, the return to form is still looking alive and well if the latest gameplay footage is anything to do by.

The new trailer showcases raw gameplay from Green Hill Zone Act 2 and of course, Tails dies almost immediately. Goddammit Tails. You can look forward to seeing the classic, 2D side-scrolling and some new mechanics such as burnable bridges, enemy design, sound effects, and more. Check it out above for yourself.

Sonic Mania is being developed by Sega and is expected to release for PlayStation 4s sometime this Spring. We’ll keep an eye out for a more definitive launch. Are you excited Sonic is coming back in full form? Let us know in the comments.


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