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Sony Admit They Hear the Backlash and Are Weighing Up Their Options

Sony hasn’t had much to say about the cross-play shenanigans up to now. But it looks as though they’ve managed to piece together at least one wordy statement as the company got a little chatty today. Well, chatty in a ‘stick to the script and keep it vague’ sort of way. 

The controversy surrounds Minecraft and Fortnite, but most notably the latter as Sony has restricted players’ accounts to their system only. All this whilst Microsoft and Nintendo are jumping into bed with one another and putting the joy in con. Until now the PlayStation guardians have had little to say to us gaming folk, certainly nothing of note. But today’s comments shine a glimmer of hope that a favourable resolution may still be possible.

Speaking at an event in Spain, executive Shawn Layden told Eurogamer, “We’re hearing it.” 

“We’re looking at a lot of the possibilities. You can imagine that the circumstances around that affect a lot more than just one game. I’m confident we’ll get to a solution which will be understood and accepted by our gaming community, while at the same time supporting our business.”

Reassuring first line, assurance of action, downplaying expectations – inevitably it’s all very corporate. But, at the end of the day, they’re a business and costs must be calculated. If they act in our favour, will they lose sales to other consoles? If they act against us, will they lose sales to other consoles? If they do nothing, will it all blow over? Who knows; the only definitive answer is to the last, and that’s a resounding no. 

I guess it’s only fair to credit Layden for his honesty, admitting that balancing the books is as important as pleasing the community. Perhaps even more so. We can’t judge them – if this were any other industry, they’d follow the same logic. So despite our restlessness at the apparent lack of progress, we must accept that that’s business. That’s life.

Have you been affected by the cross-play restrictions? Or are you fed up with the coverage it’s getting and wish we’d get back to publishing the good stuff – reviews and releases? You can be honest in the comments below. 

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