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Sony Announces New PlayStation Plus Offer for UK Players

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has announced today that UK players can get a decent deal on their annual PlayStation Plus subscription. The new offer, which runs from today until January 24th, will let players get 15 months worth of PS Plus subscription for the price of 12 months.

Currently a 12 month subscription will set you back £49.99, and so you’ll save a few quid by taking up the offer. However, you have to buy a 12 month membership outright and not separate 3 month or 6 month subs. The good news is that it’s totally stackable so you can add it to your current subscription as, unlike previous offers in the past, this offer is open to all and not just newcomers.

If you’re new to the PlayStation ecosystem and haven’t yet subscribed to PlayStation Plus, this is probably as good a time as ever to do so. If you’re looking to play online multiplayer games, PS Plus is a necessity. Unlike the PS3 and PS Vita, Sony has locked online multiplayer behind a paywall. If you want to play, you have to pay. But at least you get a few decent benefits with your membership. There’s the monthly free games as well as generous PS Plus member discounts on game almost every week.

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Sony Europe Press Release

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