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Sony Announces Next Episode of State of Play Coming This Week, MediEvil and a New Game Being Shown

Sony is clearly aping the Nintendo Direct format with its State of Play series, but I’m alright with that. They’re bite-sized shows with new announcements and reveals without all of the faff that comes with a big, fancy press conference.

The next such episode has been announced today by Sony, with the platform holder stating that State of Play: Episode 2 will be broadcast live on May 9th. What’s more is that Sony is being pretty straight forward with us all by telling us what to expect from the upcoming show.

According to the PlayStation Blog post we will get an extended look at the upcoming MediEvil remaster. So far we’ve had a teaser trailer that literally just showed the game’s logo. At this point, anything more is a bonus. We’re also going to get a first look at a brand new game from PlayStation Worldwide Studios. Any guesses? I’ve got no idea.

If you’re expecting any information regarding the PS5, don’t. Sony has left a cheeky note at the bottom of the blog post saying that viewers shouldn’t expect any updates on next-generation plans. Fair enough, really. At least Sony is telling us upfront.

State of Play: Episode 2 will go live at 3PM Pacific time, which is 11PM in London, and midnight for the rest of Europe. Maybe catch the show via YouTube in the morning…

Source: PlayStation Blog

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