Sony Congratulates Spider-Man:Miles Morales Platinum Trophy Holder With Surprise Email

Sony are known to get celebratory when you achieve the Platinum Trophy in their first party releases. Normally a special dynamic theme makes its way into your inbox or an exclusive avatar, accompanied by great congratulations. But up until now, nothing similar has been reported for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. However, that is seemingly set to change.

That’s because a Reddit user has reported they’ve actually received such a communication from the company. And it wasn’t without a reward, either. In fact, for all their hard work in clearing the challenge that is the accompanying trophy list, they received a new frame for the photo mode. They even included a screenshot as proof, just in case you were in doubt.

I can’t explain, though, why this doesn’t seem to be a widespread phenomenon. After all, given the friendliness of the trophy list’s challenge, there must be a multitude of platinum trophy holders by now. Yet, this is the first we’re really hearing of it and it isn’t accompanied by everyone saying “I’ve got one, too”. However, a quick search online shows that a number of you have received the reward, so make sure you check your PSN email – there might be a surprise there waiting for you. And if not, there’s still time.

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Also, it was reported elsewhere that this may have been a North American exclusive offer. But there are comments by players in Norway and Britain (other countries are available, I’m sure), saying they’ve received a code as well. So, don’t be fooled into thinking you’re going to be left out; Sony know who you are!

Source: Reddit

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