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Sony Debuts Two New PSVR Bundles for North America

It is no secret that Pure PlayStation is a VR friendly site. You could say we are very, very friendly with the PSVR, but we also know it could be used for so much more. The PSVR is still in its infancy, and we probably have not seen the best or the worst of what is possible.

With that bright and potentially troubling future in mind, Sony announced two new PSVR bundles will be available next week in North America. The first bundle will be available with the following items included:

The second bundle will only be available at EB Games and Gamestop. It will have everything from the first bundle, but it will swap the PlayStation VR Worlds for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. The price for either will be the same at $499 USD or $699 CAD. Sorry, Canada.

Should you buy the PSVR? You can check out our take on the hardware here, but the bundles are a good way to get everything you need all at once. You can also search here to see if there is a demo unit near you.

If you do pick up a PSVR and are curious about whether a VR game is worth your hard earned dough, check out our reviews for straight talk and real world experience.

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