Sony Designed a PS5 Feature Around Single Player Problems

The PlayStation 5 was always going to be ground breaking. It had to be in order to do the term ‘next generation’ justice. But from recent discussions, it seems as though Sony really went above and beyond to make it stand out. And that extends to its user interface as well as its imposing stature.

You see, one feature that has really caught everyone’s attention is that of Activity Cards; little shortcuts that allow you to jump straight into missions and the like without having traverse the map seeking out their starting place. It was an issue that was raised when Sony went looking for problems faced by gamers of single player games. It’s an issue we can probably all sympathise with, especially with recent Assassin’s Creed games. And, thankfully, it’s an issue they decided to address. But it’s also worth mentioning here that it was just one of a number of issues identified by the team – so perhaps we can expect a few more solutions in the future.

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Let’s just hope one of those is an increase in stock, which is a solution we’re all waiting for…

But why are we all gushing about ‘Activity Cards’? Well, by following the shortcuts, you can be playing a specific portion of a game in almost a blink of an eye. Something that saves you the trouble of going through the startup menus only to be out of position with respect to the next objective. But it also gives you an estimate of how much time that specific feature will demand, meaning you can work out if you’ve got the time to complete it – something many gamers felt was being withheld by developers, and has caught this writer out many a time!

In short, Activity Cards are unquestionably an innovative solution that will improve our experience of gaming. But I’m excited to see what will come next. Because, as Sony have fixed one of our problems, they might as well fix them all.

Source: Vice

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