Sony Goes Green With Recycled Game Cases, Test Planned For This Year

The argument for a greener world is certainly a strong one. So, it should come as little surprise to hear that Sony intends to do all it can to improve its footprint. Testing of recycled game cases will start this year in Europe, but that’s not the only thing its doing – the PlayStation 5’s packaging is already working towards this goal.  

Sony may be synonymous with blue. But the company is determined to turn a little greener. To start with, the PlayStation 5’s packaging is anywhere between 93% and 99% plastic free (the discrepancy remains unexplained). However, it will also be trialling physical game cases – made of “polypropylene recycled from post-industrial waste” – this year. Only in Europe for now, granted, but it’s a start nonetheless.

It’s an issue I have previously debated, and one that is a little difficult to take a stance owing to the longevity of cases and the “recycling” that goes on when a physical game is sold on again. And again. That means these games don’t form the same throwaway culture that so often accompanies 21st century purchases, especially as some are kept for years and years.

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But there is an undeniable benefit for any games that are to be made in the future to be done so with a more considerate technique and from a more sustainable material. So, I’m sure I’m not the only one who hopes this trial is a success.

With regards to the packaging, the company has already traded plastic cable ties for those made of paper. And the PlayStation 4 was supported by cardboard inserts in its retail packaging, too, along with similar measures for the PlayStation 5. But that’s not to say Sony thinks its role is done. That’s because it admits there is more work ahead, and as a result, it “will continue to review innovations and technical possibilities to address plastic use” and “consider alternatives to plastic under [its] new global resource-efficient packaging design guidelines”.

In the meantime, it continues to work out how green the PlayStation can become before it is mistaken for an Xbox…

Source: SIE

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