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Sony Has Apparently Been Forced to Cut PS5 Production and Price

Rumours are circulating ahead of Wednesday’s event. But the news I’m about to bring you has both a positive and a negative leaning. You see, specialist analysts believe Sony are prepared to launch the PlayStation 5 with a price of around $449 (or $399 for the digital only version) – partly due to Microsoft getting in there first, and partly due to desperation for sales. But they are also facing a cut in production due to a technological hiccup. That means the console may be cheaper than expected (woohoo!), but it will also be rarer (boo!).

And we were already expecting it to be a little thin on the ground!

The technological problem has been caused by the device’s chips. Or, more appropriately, a lack of them. Therefore, the company has no option but to cut its production schedule. And when I say cut, I mean obliterate. You see, they will now be making four million less units during this fiscal year than they had planned – leaving us all fighting over the eleven million or so that will make it into a box.  The maths says that’s around a third less than they anticipated, something that will hit their pocket and our Christmas gift expectations.

Don’t get me wrong – Sony had already upped their target to meet the obvious demand. So, this sudden backtracking could simply be taking them back to where they were. And if around half of all chips are defective on manufacture, at least they’re not cutting corners by fitting them anyway or picking a cheaper/easier option. But did they really need to promise more consoles in the first place, only to lead themselves to where they are today – more negative press. After all, the chips must have been as difficult to make then as they are now. This just seems like another bad publicity decision made by the company with regards to the PlayStation 5 to me; let’s just hope it’s the last.

Source: Bloomberg Intelligence

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