Sony Increases Production for PS5 to Meet Huge Holiday Demand

Sony Increases Production for PS5 to Meet Huge Holiday Demand

Gematsu is reporting that Sony has shifted production from an expected to 5-6 million PS5 units for the holiday season to around 10 million units. Using info from a Nikkei report and a Bloomberg report, this would effectively double Sony’s initial estimates. It’s a sign the company has a lot of faith in its big white box, and gamers are going to snap up the units. Knowing the price would help a lot.

It’s going to be a tough season to make sure there are enough consoles. Even with the doubled order, demand is still expected to exceed supply, ensuring only eBay scalpers have a Merry Christmas. Sony should have around five million consoles assembled by September and another five from October through December.¬†Production for the company’s new DualSense controller has been increased as well.

It’s good news that Sony is able to find places to produce PS5 units with the world in its current state. When pre-orders start, you’ll have to be quick on the draw, but a PS5 may be the most elusive toy this year.

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