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Sony is Committed to Bringing “Deeper Gaming” to PSVR in Future

PlayStation VR has had a couple of decent years since it released, and it looks like the future is bright for the already glowing headset.

Speaking with the Japanese PlayStation Blog, Shuhei Yoshida noted that players want to have longer experiences more akin to traditional games, going on to say “I came up with the strategy of making full-scale games of larger scale in the second and third years. Titles with a deeper gaming will continue to increase in the future.”

This is great news for all, really. While the smaller, bite-sized experiences will continue to release from third-party developers, it sounds like Sony really wants to step up and bring its trademark gaming structure to PSVR. That may mean that 2019 may be the best year yet for the pricey peripheral, but it also gives hope to a more robust experience with the inevitable PSVR 2 and PS5.

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