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Sony is Cutting the Cord on PlayStation Vue in January 2020

If you are one of the half-million subscribers to PlayStation Vue’s streaming TV service, you will need to look for an alternative soon. On January 30th, 2020, Sony will cease offering the streaming service. It won’t be too hard to find a competitor, and that’s part of the reason cited by the company. It said the market is “slower to change than expected”. (Perhaps we’re not ready for an all-streaming gaming future either, eh?) It also said that competitors were creating their services around “expensive content and network deals”. Very true, and rising rates in competing services reflect those costs.

With all that in mind, this could have been a sudden decision. Less than two months ago, there was an announcement that Vue made a multi-year deal with Disney to keep channels such as ESPN, ABC, and the Disney Channel on the service. Was it losing too much money or not making enough that forced Sony to make a decision to kill the service in the short time since then? Was this part of the recently rumored shake-up at PlayStation high command?

Rumors aside, it doesn’t mean that Vue won’t make a return. It’s being shut down. It’s not being sold to anyone else, so it could be restarted in a couple of years as a bundle with PS Plus and PS Now. (Hey, it could happen.) Until then, if you like your streaming through Sony devices, you can still buy shows and movies on the PlayStation Store.

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